Things to remember when you send Killifish safely

Things to remember when you send Killifish safely

Killifish is a very popular type of fish and many fishermen breed it to earn money. However if you are a beginner in Killifish breeding you should remember some precautions when sending the fish.

You should not send a Killifish that looks sick. Usually it will die during the trip. When it dies it will begin to pollute the water and the other fish will choke and die. Similarly never send a Killifish under stress. If there are unexpected changes in temperature large fluctuations in water quality or if there are changes in oxygen levels the fish will probably be stressed.

While sending Killifish youll make them starve. Apparently this may seem a cruel idea but it will save its life. If the fish has eaten well before delivery it will expel toxic substances like ammonia in stools. It will pollute the water and if the time for the trip is long it will suffocate the fish. You should not offer them to the food for at least 48 hours before sending them. They can easily survive during this long time they can actually easily survive for another 48 hours.

Usually Killifish will eat the algae in the aquarium. So it is advisable to move the fish to another tank without any plants for a few days. You can use the water from the old shipping tank because the fish will be comfortable with that water.

When you send the fish in a bag leave enough space for the air in the bag. Usually people tend to fill the bag completely. In fact much air is required for the fishs existence during shipping. This air will be useful for getting new oxygen. If you intend to use a plastic bag of about 22 x 4 a water level of 1 will suffice for the fish to survive for about 48 hours. The fish does not require much water but only a reasonable amount of sufficient.

There are breathing cases available on the market. If you use them you can fill the entire bag with water. They had an opportunity for gas diffusion that could provide air for survival. If the mode of transport is in the air you should remember very important such a bag should not be filled completely with water and there should be some air left because the pressure inside the airplane can change the bag.

You should cover the original badly with another to prevent leakage.

You should not fill the bag with pure acid. Instead you should allow normal air insight. Syreville creates imbalances in the gas exchange process and there is a risk of suffocation.

Do not forget to add a dechloraminator to your bag.

Some people think that if they put some live plants in the bag it will be a good idea for the fishs survival. They believe that the plants produce oxygen and will absorb carbon dioxide. But they forget an important thing in the process such activity can only happen in the sunlight. When you ship your bag in a dark container the plants will not be able to produce acid. The place will instead use oxygen and release carbon dioxide in the dark.

It is a good idea to contact the responsible person for shipping to find out the latest rules for delivery of the fish. Sometimes due to changes in government policy your shipment can face unexpected obstacles and the delay can be fatal to your fish.

If you send eggs of Killifish use the same water from the aquarium where they lay and you should also add an ammonia absorber. If the mud is finished on a mudhead send the whole mop. You should preferably use bubble packaging to protect the egg.

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